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Let's Sit For A While.

Walk With Me understands that your pets are family, and that there may be times when you may need to travel or leave them alone for a period of time.

Nothing is more important than knowing that your pets are safe and being well cared for while you are away.

Walk With Me Pet Sitting offers you the option of warm, caring in-home pet sitting in the comfort of your own home. Your pets will be well looked after in the environment that they know best. 

Our price guide for overnight stays are as follows:

$80 - BASIC



-Fresh water


-Mail pick up

-Blind/Curtain rotation 

-Light Rotation

-All the love your pets need!




-Basic overnight

-Early morning/late night walk

*Additional walks will incur a separate charge*

(Ideal for those pet families that need more than one night of over nights)

*Please note that all overnights start at 6PM and end at 8AM*

Early Morning / Late Night

Tuck In

*Before 9 AM - After 6 PM*


-Fresh water

-Early Morning / Late Night

Walk or Drop In

Visits are available for

$10 above our contract rate

$30 - Cat Care Package

30 min

For up to two cats


-Fresh Water

- Change of litter

- Play time

*Each additional cat - $5*

*There is a $10 additional Holiday Fee applied to all Holiday Services*

*Per Service*

(Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving etc.)

**If your pet needs medication please let us know. We can administer oral, ear or topical medication. We would be more than happy to accommodate you and your pet's needs.

Please note that there is a $5 add on fee for these services.** 

Please give us a call to discuss which option would best suit you and your pets needs.


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