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Who's walking who?

Meet Petra- Walk With Me's founder and owner.

Hailing from Ringwood, her love for animals has taken her from the fair grounds of the Garden State (volunteering for local shelters at various carnivals and fairs as Cinnamon the clown) all the way to Mississippi and Louisiana. Where she worked as a volunteer with the Humane Society to help rescue animals after hurricane Katrina.

A firm believer in the healing power of animal therapy, Petra enjoyed the years she had working with her beloved silver toy poodle Cosmo, who was a certified therapy dog. The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs still grace the halls of the Valley Hospital - and we are so happy that they do!

Petra now spends all of her time working with animals. When she is not out walking about town with Walk With Me she spends several days a week volunteering at the West Milford Animal shelter.

During her down time she is the loving human to a wonderful cockapoo named Dallas, who rescued her.  

Me Dallas Border
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